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Applications playing IPTV

IPTV streams is now supported to play by many Applications in most  devices, platforms and system environments, that which will turn your any device to a live TV,.and let you to  watch IPTV streams on Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, iOS even in the web browsers:

many free apps with support off IPTV streams available on Windows:

  • VLC Media Player free to download. by using m3u links for both desktop and mobile
  • Simple TV a free and good application for windows Desktop to stream your IPTV links.
  • KODI (XBMC) known for supporting and managing all media,  there are many free addons as PVR IPTV Simple Client that can be installes easy from KODI repository.
  • IPTV Smarters for Windows Desktop based Xtream Codes to watch Live TV Movies Series.
  • Free IPTV Player used to upload m3u playlist and play them on your PC.


  • VLC media player for MAc OS X
  • IINA App


  • GSE Smart IPTV  That play Live streams and RTMP links with many features as recording, EPG, Airplay, Xtream Codes API , ChromCast… GSE IPTV  free to doanload and use for IOS andd Aplle TV, Iphone devices
  • Movie Stream CAst and Streaming on Apple Store, its not free but powerful to stream from your mobile too as turn your device to a TV device.

Android Devices:

Play store has many android apps that can play and stream IPTV links, you can search for IPTV player and install the app suit you, one good app of them is IPTV Smarters pro used by many IPTV watchers all over the worlds it can better optimized for remote controls, Support EPG Xtream codes API, Embeded Subtitles, External Player integration, Multiple screens, ability to record streams, option of installing your own VPN certificate,

Android STB Emulator device use the STBEmu app free on Google Play Store that should be configured  to use MAC Adresses not M3U playlists.


Your Playstation is not only for playing games you can you use it to play your favorite IPTV channels and movies with the PLEX application available on PlayStation Store.


Now days all Smart TVs support playing IPTV links via Smart IPTV app as LG, Sumsung, the App can be installed from TV Store or via USB, also IPTV Smarters app can be installed on many TVs so easily.

MAG Device

You can watch IPTV on Mag Devices by configuring the setting to play IPTV streams, and adding your mac adresse or by adding a m3u list to load and play it.